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If I didn’t get down-sized, I would’ve made a call about this one already.

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Sales taxes are regressive and impact the poor more than the wealthy (even if the services being supported by the tax help the poor).

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I believe there are some in Europe, but I don’t think it has happened here in Australia

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Themajority of these drugs are still available online in bulk quantities.2C-E is among them

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will not be deprived of ample quantities of Gum Arabic (also named Acacia Gum) at fair price levels and

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Part of what I’m trying to say is that it’s not incongruous for a psychiatrist to use the tools of the trade in their own life for their own benefit

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I’m kind of a health freak so I go to the gym on a frequent basis

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aid to its target population, even though new players, mainly in the private sector, are arriving on the

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I have loss weight and have quit smoking as well

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When it's scary, it's usually also needlessly expensive

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Instead of “challenge” I would say “probe.” As far as the audience is concerned – it is all about education – not self-promotion.

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This penile extender is very discreet and can be used almost anywhere and anytime

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